I am a researcher working on applied problems in global health, epidemiology, and development economics, with a PhD in statistics.

I’m a Consulting Director at Development Innovation Lab at University of Chicago, currently working with the lab’s founder Michael Kremer on studies of water quality interventions and deworming, as well as supporting the lab’s other statistical work. I am also a non-resident fellow at Centre For Global Development.

I run a small consultancy which works with academics, NGOs and charities. My main focus is making Bayesian meta-analysis methods more accessible to social scientists and generally using statistical inference to better support decision making in health and global priorities research. My own research into this has been funded by grants from Schmidt Futures and GiveWell/Open Philanthropy.

I also work on vaccines, including research on fractional dosing of vaccines, accelerating COVID vaccine supply, and supporting human challenge trials (as an advisor to 1Day Sooner). For my work on COVID I was awarded an Emergent Ventures prize.

As a consultant at Certara (2014-2022) I worked on all stages of drug development, with focus on improving Bayesian modelling techniques in predicting real-world effectiveness of treatments, health technology assessment, and epidemiological modelling.

You can find me on Twitter, follow posts from this site in an RSS reader, or find me on LinkedIn.