Witold Więcek

Bayesian statistician and independent consultant — based in London — Research Fellow at London School of Economics (STICERD) — Consultant for Certara (pharmacometrics and health economics consulting) — Scientific Collaborator at Hasselt University (Centre for Statistics)

Short bio: I studied Mathematics (BSci, MSci, AGH Kraków), specialising in algorithmic theory, graph theory, probability. I did my PhD in Bayesian statistics at University of Hasselt (Belgium). My thesis was on hierarchical modelling (focus on meta-analyses) and Bayesian networks. With Certara (since Sept 2014) I work on analyses that inform real-world effectiveness of treatments. This includes predictive, patient-level modelling (incl. PK/PD), (network) meta-analyses, infectious disease models (influenza), survival analysis. I also worked on PK/PD, PBPK, esp. in the context of checmical risk assessment. With LSE (since May 2018), I work on Bayesian inference for modelling heterogeneity in treatment effects with with Rachael Meager (STICERD). I’m working on a new R package for evidence synthesis with Stan and also various research projects in development economics: in particular a hierarchical Bayesian model for a poverty alleviation study, with Andrew Gelman (Columbia University) and Dean Karlan (Northwestern Uni) as project advisors.

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My Hasselt PhD is available online.


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